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Talk about an oddball review. The Washington Post has a non-car guy review the 2011 Volt, and this is what he has to say –

On the way back home, on the highway, something absolutely amazing happens: nothing. Nothing whatsoever occurs at the moment the Volt makes that apocalyptic leap from all-electric power to gas. I know it has happened because the stylized battery icon suddenly is replaced by a stylized gas-pump icon. But there is no change in ride, no discernible handoff from one power source to another. And still no sound of an engine. That comes a minute or two later — a quiet purr, much lower than you’d expect on a highway, and, curiously, it doesn’t vary as you speed up or slow down. That’s because the engine isn’t driving the car, it’s feeding the battery at a constant rate.
It all seems so … elegant.

For a guy who really wanted to hate the car… he didn’t. Check out the review, it’s worth it for its’ oddness.

Published on February 7, 2011 in Car Reviews

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