2011 Chevy Corvette Z06 Carbon

What do you get if you combine the Corvette ZR-1 carbon-fiber and carbon-ceramic goodies with the Z06 engine? You get the brand new, limited edition 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon, of course.

Only 500 Z06 Carbon Corvettes will be produced – in Supersonic Blue or Inferno Orange. I’ll take mine in Orange, by the way – if Chevy is so kind as to send one my way.
So what makes the Z06 Carbon so special, I’m sure you’re wondering? Basically, you take a Z06, complete with the amazing 7.0 liter V8, put it in the ZR1 chassis, and add the carbon-ceramic brakes. The hood is similar to the ZR1 hood, but without the plexiglass window.
Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but it will fall somewhere between the $74,285 base price of the Z06 and the $106,880 base price of the ZR1. In the meantime, check out the pics after the jump.
2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Gallery

Published on March 20, 2010 in Chevrolet

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