2011 BMW X3 Revealed

Today BMW unveiled the 2011 X3 – the first time this mini-SUV has been redesigned since its release way back 2004. In other words, it’s about time.

Despite it’s level of luxury and driving dynamics, the first generation X3 was always a little akward looking. It seemed like BMW had a tough time translating their styling into the SUV form. With this redesign, that awkwardness seems to have disappeared. Instead, we have a quite attractive compact SUV.

The 2011 X3 has grown ever so slightly – it’s half an inch taller, 3 inches longer, and an inch wider. Under the hood choices are the following: a 240 HP 3.0 liter I6, or a twin-turbo direct injection 3.0 liter I6 good for 300 HP. No matter which engine you get, each 2011 X3 has a whopping eight speeds in the automatic transmission – now that’s fancy stuff.

Pricing and fuel economy ratings haven’t been released yet, but I’ll wager a guess. Like all BMW’s, you’ll pay dearly for the new X3. And, like all BMW’s, it’ll be thirsty. That said, it will be a fantastic driving SUV – you have to decide if it’s worth the cost.

2011 BMW X3 Gallery

Published on July 14, 2010 in BMW

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