2010 Toyota Prius Review – TTAC

TTAC reviews the 2010 Prius and writes – ‘The Prius is certainly not a driver’s car in the traditional sense, and no enthusiast would want one as an only car. But as a commuter, especially if the commute tends to be stop-and-go, the Prius makes a lot of sense. In addition to outstanding fuel economy, the Toyota offers reliability, a roomy, functional interior, the highly refined feel pioneered by Lexus, and, with the latest revision, even a stylish exterior. That Toyota has managed to bundle all of these attributes and leading-edge technology into a package most new car buyers can afford borders on incredible.’

Toyota really nailed their target market with the Prius. Folks who shop for this type of car don’t really care if it’s fast or if it handles well. They do care that it gets outstanding fuel economy and is refined. Read more about the 2010 Prius.

Published on May 3, 2010 in Reviews,Toyota

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