2010 Taurus SHO

There has been chatter on the interwebs about a possible Taurus SHO for the 2010 model year.  Rumors go anywhere from a 300 HP V8 to a full-fledged twin turbocharged 5.4 liter V8 pumping out over 400 HP.

I’m going out on a limb and calling these rumors false.  Even *if* Ford is considering a Taurus SHO, they will not bring one to market.  The current marketplace is not right for a high-powered, gas guzzling muscle sedan.  With gas at $3.60 per gallon and up, with no relief in sight – who would buy such a car?  Certainly folks who have enough money to not be bothered with the gas prices will buy German or Japanese. 

The current Taurus is far too big to really have the same soul as the SHO of yore.  Really what we need is an SVT Fusion or Fusion SHO.  That could be done – with a turbo 4 cylinder… and reasonable fuel economy.  Ford – you listening?

Published on May 9, 2008 in Ford

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