2010 Lexus GX460

Got a thing for huge, luxurious, thirsty, Lexus SUV’s? Me neither. But Lexus doesn’t care about us – they care about the thousands of people who do want a vehicle like that. And that’s what brings us the 2010 GX460, which will be in showrooms Q1 2010.
Based on the Toyota Land Cruiser, the GX460 has been updated and upgraded. Pricing starts at $51,970 for the base model, and $56,765 for the Premium. Under the hood lives a 301 HP 4.6 liter V8 engine, good for 329 lb-ft of torque. If that sounds underpowered next to vehicles such as Toyota’s own Sequoia – well yea, it is. I’m not really sure why Toyota didn’t use a Lexus-ified version of the 5.7 liter V8 here. Perhaps it’s not buttery-smooth enough to put in a Lexus.

If you can afford this ginormous SUV, then filling up the tank probably isn’t a concern. But in case you’re curious, the GX460 is good for 15 MPG city / 20 MPG highway. Premium fuel only, of course.

2010 Lexus GX460 Gallery

Published on November 23, 2009 in Lexus

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