2010 Kia Spectra

2009-kia-spectra The 2010 Kia Spectra was caught on camera just recently, though it’s covered up pretty well.  This car will replace the current Spectra in 2009, though it may actually be released with a new name.  The name Spectra really has no brand equity, so a new name wouldn’t do much harm.  If anything, it could do some good.

Naming aside, you can’t really see much on the car in it’s current state.  It doesn’t appear to have hideous proportions, which is a start I guess.  Hopefully Kia will have addressed the safety concerns of the current Spectra, and refine it a little bit.  No one expects Lexus, but an improvement wouldn’t hurt either.

Published on January 29, 2008 in Kia,Spy Shots

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