2010 Hyundai Tiburon will be RWD

2010-hyundai-tiburon So it turns out I was wrong, and the new Tiburon ( name still to be decided ) will be RWD – confirmed by Hyundai and everything.  The RWD platform will be shared with the Genesis, which will debut about 6 months to a year before the new Tiburon.  There’s even talk right now of a possible 4.6 liter V8 for a powerplant – though Hyundai officially denies that, at least for now. 

Here’s what we do know so far – the new Tiburon will not suffer the same fate as the current one – that of a sporty looking coupe, but unable to back up it’s looks with performance.  The new Tib will be sending power to the right wheels, and will have at the very least, a high performance V6.  I’d be surprised if the V8 doesn’t become available as an option at this point.  After all, V8 and RWD go together like, well, like a V8 and RWD.  They just do.

Published on August 1, 2007 in Hyundai

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