2010 Honda Element Brochure Leaked

2010-honda-element One of Autoblog‘s readers snagged a brochure showing the 2010 Honda Element, pictured to your left.  The 2010 Element gets the Pilot grille treatment, which you may love or hate.  The headlights get a new look as well… though nothing substantial.  The overall Element look and feel is still around, so fans of the current Element won’t be disappointed. 

Hardware specs aren’t finalized, but are expected to remain the same – a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine and your choice of FWD or 4WD.  Nothing terribly earth-shattering here…. but perhaps that’s not a bad thing.  When Scion redesigned the xB and made drastic changes, sales tanked.  By Honda doing very little to the new Element, it should help keep the target market the same.  Doing very little is better than doing too much, it seems.

Published on September 29, 2008 in Honda

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