2010 Golf TDI EPA Mileage Announced

History extremely popular, the latest Volkswagen diesel, the Golf TDI, now has official MPG numbers from the EPA. Pricing too – though generally buyers of the TDI don’t take much notice to this area.

So, how well does the 2010 Golf TDI do in the gas mileage area? Pretty well, at least by EPA standards. 30 MPG city / 41 MPG highway ( standard ) or 30 MPG city / 42 MPG highway ( auto ) are the official numbers. Diesels traditionally get better mileage in the real world, which is quite the opposite of most cars.

The 2010 Gold TDI will start at a pretty darn reasonable $21990 , which is about $700 less than the Jetta TDI. Not cheap by any means, but for a car that size, with that fuel economy, it’s not unreasonable. Besides, some folks only buy VW diesels, and the sticker price won’t scare them away. I don’t expect anything different this time around.

Published on October 13, 2009 in Volkswagen

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