2010 Ford Taurus

2010-Ford-Taurus Meet the first unofficial spy shot of the 2010 Ford Taurus.  Remember, the folks over at Ford have decided to remake the Taurus into a real competitor.  This blurry snapshot is the first proof of that.  Well, unofficially.  This spy shot is completely, 100% unconfirmed, except for the fact that the original post which contained it has disappeared from the face of the Internet.  How about that proof?

As for details, the pic is blurry so you can’t really make any crazy assumptions.  It looks more European, if that makes any sense.  And it certainly gives the appearance of being 100x less “blah” than the current Taurus.  So far so good, Ford.  Just finish the job without cutting any corners, price it right, and cross your fingers.

Update:  Jalopnik has reportedly been asked to remove the picture too.  More proof!  Or is Ford playing games to hype this up? 

Via Jalopnik.

Published on April 8, 2008 in Ford,Spy Shots

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