2010 Ford Taurus Spy Shots

2010-FORD-TAURUS We’ve seen the 2010 Ford Taurus before, though the men in black hushed things up pretty quickly that time.  Here’s the latest batch of spy shots, complete with really cool camouflage.  Hopefully Ford will allow Taurus buyers to choose this black and white funkiness as a standard paint option.  Or not.

Ok, enough of that.  What’s the big deal about the 2010 Taurus?  From what we can tell, the front end is heavily revised, and the car sits lower to the ground.  The overall shape of the car appears to be different, though you can’t really get a feel for things until the spots come off.  Perhaps the most daring change is the headlights – they look like they came from a Nissan Maxima or 370Z.  Hopefully they integrate well with the rest of the car.

2010-FORD-TAURUS-2Performance specs are anyone’s guess right now.  Ford will have to squeeze some extra ponies from their 3.5 liter Duratec – it makes 263 HP in the Fusion.  The larger, more expensive Taurus will need to show a few extra ponies, at least.


Published on January 5, 2009 in Ford,Spy Shots

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