2010 Ford Fusion Spy Shots

2010-Ford-Fusion Spy photographers managed to catch the 2010 Fusion on the streets, and snapped a few photos of the heavily covered car.  This won’t be a redesign, but rather a light refresh.  Detroit moves slowly on redesigns compared to the Japanese competition – something that we shouldn’t forget.

So, what’s new with the Fusion?  From what we can see, the grille is pretty much new.  The three bar look that makes the Fusion so striking from the front will remain, though with a little different look.  Chrome bars on the lower intake are replaced with honeycomb mesh.  Out back there are sure to be at least some subtle changes, though you really can’t tell in the current state of dress.

2010-Ford-Fusion-rear The dash was also covered, which means some changes inside.  That’s fantastic news, since I think the Fusion’s interior is one of it’s weakest points.  Will a refreshed grille, new taillights, and updated interior be enough to make the Fusion into the import-killer it was supposed to be?  No.  But hopefully it will allow it to remain competitive enough until a full update comes around.  The Fusion had / has a ton of potential ( especially the killer name ), and it isn’t too late to turn it around.

More pics at Inside Line.

Published on December 26, 2007 in Ford,Spy Shots

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