2010 Acura RDX Leaked Photos

According to these leaked photos, the 2010 Acura RDX will be cursed with the new Acura Corporate Grille. Yes, that huge, hideous metal plate that plague the TL and TSX. Besides the new grille, it looks like Acura has swapped out the headlights, and replaced the round exhaust tips with hex-shaped ones. A new rear bumper also makes an appearance out back. 2010-acura-rdx-leaked-photos-.jpg

There is also a rumor of a FWD only version being available. That would bring the cost down for would-be RDX buyers, who may be put off by the current $34k base price. Buyers of this FWD version would also be rewarded with slightly better fuel economy – something the RDX could certainly use help with, given it’s powerful turbocharged I4.

The engine is likely to remain the same, as the 240 HP turbo 2.3 liter engine is pretty fantastic. I’m liking the option for FWD only, though that would negatively affect handling. The reduced weight is a bonus to both acceleration and fuel economy, which is more important to most SUV / CUV type buyers. Minus the corporate grille, I think Acura’s 2010 RDX update is pretty solid.

2010-acura-rdx-photos-(1).jpg2010-acura-rdx-photos-(2).jpg  2010-acura-rdx-photos-(3).jpg

Published on July 14, 2009 in Acura

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