2009 Volkswagen Rabbit

2009-vw-rabbit These spy shots are very covered-up, but show the 2009 Volkswagen Rabbit ( still called the Golf elsewhere in the world. )  Engine options are pretty widespread, with these engines available ( not all will make it to the States ):

1.4 TSI, 1.8 TSI, 2.0 TFSI, 1.9 TDI, and 2.0 TDI.  Five engine choices is pretty excessive, so expect to see only a couple of those here in the US.  Our friends in Europe may get a few more choices than us.

This new Golf / Rabbit will see service in Europe late this year, but won’t make it here until late 2009 ( possibly as a 2010 model ).

Oh, and did I mention “YAWN?”  There’s not much that’s less interesting than a VW Rabbit.  Sorry VW fans, facts are facts.


Published on January 21, 2008 in Volkswagen

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