2009 Toyota Yaris Pricing Released


The 09 Yaris 3 door hatch will start at a cool $12205, while the sedan starts at $12,965.  If you want the 5 door shown here, base price is $13,305.  Any trim level you want, the price starts out well below the $14,550 base of the 09 Fit.  Granted, there are equipment differences.  But then again, some folks just want a super basic econobox with Honda / Toyota quality.  The Yaris can offer this, while the Fit really can’t.

Even though the Yaris is still ugly, you can leave the eye bleach at home when it comes to the 5 door hatch.  It’s not half bad, in an ugly sort of way.  Gas mileage is 31 MPG for the automatic, or 32 MPG for the stick.  About as good as it gets in the non-hybrid world.

Published on August 26, 2008 in Toyota

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