2009 Pontiac G6 Refresh

2009-pontiac-g6 The Pontiac G6 is getting a baby update for the 2009 model year.  Overall it’s a pretty good looking car, especially in coupe form.  Rather than going for an all-out overhaul, GM is just tweaking a little bit in the nose area.  The twin air intakes merge into a single intake, with fog lamps hanging around on the outside.  There is some camo in these spy shots, so GM may have a bit more in store for the 09 G6.

GM should be dropping the six speed automatic in the G6, though it’s not clear if only certain trim levels will get the upgraded transmission.  That’s the case with the Malibu, so it may carry over to the G6.  No word on engine tweaks, but I wouldn’t expect anything significant.

The G6 is a decent car in an otherwise sorry lineup.  A minor update is all it really needs right now.   Looking forward to seeing the final product.

See the rest of the spy shot at Autoblog.

Published on June 2, 2008 in Pontiac

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