2009 Nissan Murano Pics – Leaked

2009-nissan-murano The good folks over at the NICOClub flors were able to score some sweet 2009 Murano pics. The Murano has been a pretty solid success for Nissan since it’s release way back in 2003. This is the first major update since then – so we’ve been waiting awhile for it. I’m not much for drama, so take a look at the goods:

2009-nissan-murano-angled 2009-nissan-murano-back 2009-nissan-murano-moonroofs What’s the first thing that jumped out at me? Damn that looks like a big Rogue. The second thing was, damn that’s a rough looking front end.

I love the Rogue, no doubt about it. And overall ( side and rear view especially ) the 09 Murano looks just like a big Rogue – fantastic. The wheel arches look better on the current version IMHO though, but not a big deal. The front end is the weakest visual aspect of the current Murano, and though it’s new on the 09, it’s still not quite right. It doesn’t look like it really belongs with the rest of the vehicle.

Two sunrooofs inside is cool – lots of that going on these days. It was only a matter of time before Nissan jumped on board, and the Murano’s the right car to do it in. Unfortunately there’s no pics of the new interior – that’s what everyone’s really waiting for.


Published on November 9, 2007 in Nissan,Spy Shots

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