2009 Nissan Maxima Official Teaser Shots

I hate teaser shots.  There, I said it.  You cannot see the car, or really get a feel for what it’s about.  All they do is tease, leaving you wanting more.  Of course that’s their point – they are called teaser shots after all.

Nissan released a total of 4 teasers for the upcoming 2009 Maxima.  Supposedly this is the return of the Four Door Sports Car that we all used to know and love.  If you look at the pictures, 4DSC is present on each one.  Again, you can’t really tell much from these shots, other than the new wheels.  If they were in gunmetal gray I would say they are awesome.  As they are, they’re still pretty nice looking wheels.  The 2008 New York Auto Show is just around the corner ( next week ), but I can’t wait. 

2009maxima-teaser2009-maxima-teaser-2 2009-maxima-teaser-3 2009-maxima-teaser-4

Published on March 14, 2008 in Nissan

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