2009 Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHYBRID

S-Klasse  (W221)  2008 Hybrid This one brings back memories.  I first posted spy shots of this car way back in January of 2008 – 8 long months ago.  Some of the details have changed since then, but it looks like the change is for the better.  However, Europe is going to get the S400 BlueHYBRID before us – June of 2009, to be exact.  The US won’t see it until September 2009.  That’s a full year away – though we do get to check out the juicy details in the meantime.  Without further adieu, here we go:

2009 Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHYBRID Specs

  • 299 HP Combined ( engine & motor )
  • 279 HP 3.5 liter V6 engine
  • 20 HP electric motor
  • Lithium-ion battery pack
  • 32.6 MPG ( based on Europe – US conversion ) rough estimate

S 400 BlueHYBRID (W221) 2008 You read that right – the S400 BlueHYBRID is the first production hybrid to use lithium-ion batteries.  As a result, the hybrid system, batteries included, only weighs 165 lbs.  That’s a huge bonus – and helps contribute to the S400 BlueHYBRID’s excellent fuel economy.  Remember, this is a full size luxury sedan we’re talking about.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet- but you can expect it will be serious.  The S class starts in the $86k range, so I think it’s safe to say we’ll see this S400 BlueHYBRID right around the $100k mark.  Not exactly chump change, but one hell of a ride anyway.

Published on September 18, 2008 in Mercedes

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