2009 Kia Rio Hybrid

2009-kia-rio-hybrid Are you in the market for a brand spankin’ new Kia Rio, and thinking “Gosh darn it, if only they offered a hybrid, I’d buy that”?  No?  Me neither.  But Kia thinks that someone is thinking along those lines, and that’s why they’re developing the 2009 Rio Hybrid.  Estimated pricing is $18,000 or so in US dollars, though we aren’t likely to see it here.  Nope, only the folks in Europe and Australia will get ahold of this puppy.  Something about exchange rates and profitability.  With the US Dollar in the tank, I guess that makes sense.

It’s a mild hybrid though – no full electric mode like the Prius and it’s cousins.  Weak.  It’s a Kia, it’s overpriced ( 18k for a Kia?  Please. ), and it’s a mild hybrid so expect weak MPG gains.  That’s three strikes, my friend.

Published on December 31, 2007 in Kia

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