2009 Kia Optima Revealed

2009-kia-optima In New York, Kia debuted the redesigned 2009 Optima.  Of course, the new Optima is simply a Hyundai Sonata underneath the sheet metal.  So hardware-wise, you’re looking at a pretty solid car.  The design team at Kia, well, they must be of the “Extra super ultra cautious” type.  The design of the 09 Optima is just as forgettable as the outgoing model.

2009-kia-optima-rear Kia did manage to find a few extra ponies with the new Optima.  The new 2.4 liter 4 cylinder makes 175 HP, which is right around the top of it’s class.  The V6 is a small one, at 2.7 liters.  It makes just 190 HP, which lags the class average significantly.  In fact, it makes me wonder why Kia offers a V6 at all.

For those of you who can’t picture it, this is the 2008 Optima:

2008-kia-optima As you can see, it’s very forgettable too.  I had to look it up, as I couldn’t picture it in my mind at all.  If Kia wants to move more midsize sedans, then they need to make a statement with their styling.  Boring, forgetting designs don’t work in today’s market.  Even the Accord and Camry are stepping out there and making a statement.

Published on March 20, 2008 in Kia

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