2009 Jaguar XF

2009-Jaguar-XF-front Jaguar is a dying brand, and no one can reasonably argue that statement. Sales fall year after year, and the loss widens as time goes on. Something has to be done, and since apparently Ford isn’t interested in selling the marque, new models would seem to be the way to go. Meet the 2009 XF – the replacement for the soon-to-be-gone S-Type. Let me make this clear – I hate letters for names. XF, MKS, MKX, xB, etc – they are all horrible names, and don’t create a memorable brand. S-Type is a better name than XF – period.

2009-Jaguar-XF-angle The XF has interesting styling – the profile is excellent. It’s almost coupe-like, and very elegant. The front doesn’t interest me. It’s not bad, mind you, but there’s on element missing that irks me – there is no leaping cat. All Jags should have a leaping cat on the hood – it’s part of what makes a Jaguar a Jaguar. The rear end looks nice, but more Ford Mondeo that Jaguar.

2009-Jaguar-XF-interior Inside the XF you find a very clean, simple, elegant design. Not much to talk about except the gearshift – or lack thereof in this case. Once you start the car, a funny little dial pops up out of the center console. You twist the dial to select your gear. Ford, the gearshift is one of those things that you don’t need to spend time and money on reinventing. Everyone knows how to shift from Park to Drive – changing how this works simply adds a needless learning curve.

No word on pricing yet, or a solid ETA. Stay tuned.

Published on August 29, 2007 in Jaguar

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