2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible starts at $43,850

2009-infiniti-g37-convertible The long awaiting drop-top version of the Infiniti G37 has arrived, and starts at $43,850.  Ever since the G35 began offering us a for-real alternative to the German luxury-sport sedan, we’ve been asking for a convertible.  Finally, Infiniti has delivered.  Opting to go with a retractable hard top was probably a good choice.  Though not as svelte as the coupe, the hardtop convertible looks a heck of a sight better than a ragtop would. 

The closest German rival would be the BMW 328i, which starts just a bit higher, at $44,500.  Infiniti still doesn’t have the same brand cachet as BMW, regardless of merit, and it’s good to see the beancounters recognize that.  An Infiniti should cost less than a BMW – at least for now.  A few more models of VQ goodness, and who knows how this battle could play out.

2009-infiniti-g37-convertible-2 2009-infiniti-g37-convertible-3

Published on June 15, 2009 in Infiniti

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