2009 Honda Fit

2009-honda-fit These appear to be the first official press photos of the completely new 2009 Honda Fit. The current Fit has been an extremely hot seller here in the US since it’s release. Many dealers have had trouble keeping the Fit on their lot – a sure sign of high demand.

The new 2009 Fit shown here is completely redesigned, but of course looks similar to the current model. The front end is more aggressive, and it looks like there’s a more cohesive design all around. Personally I don’t like the current Fit, and I don’t like this one any more. I’m not a hatchback kind of guy – never have been, and it’s doubtful that I ever will be. But as far as subcompact hatchbacks go, no doubt this one will sell well. Look for it Summer 2008.

2009-honda-fit-back 2009-honda-fit-interior

Published on September 22, 2007 in Honda,Spy Shots

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