2009 Honda Fit Pricing


Base price on the 2009 Fit is up a bit, to $14,550 before destination charge.  That’s if you want to row your own gears and don’t care about fancy things like keyless entry.  I’m cool with a meat cleaver, but I have to have keyless.  That would put me in a Fit Sport, which starts at $16,060.  Not horrible, but another grand a half puts me in a Civic LX Sedan.  Bigger, better looking ( though not as versatile ), and, well, it’s a Civic. 

If the Fit was a grand or so cheaper, then I think I might give it a look.  Fortunately for Honda, I’m in the minority, and they’ll have no trouble selling every one they can build.  Oh, and Navigation is an option this year – try getting that on a Yaris.

Published on August 25, 2008 in Honda

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