2009 Honda Fit

2009-honda-fit The 2009 Fit is here and live in New York.  Since its release the Fit has been a runaway success.  Honda has controlled production very carefully to ensure the supply was always less than demand.  Even today it’s rare to see more than 1 or 2 Fits on the lot at your local Honda dealer. 

New for 2009, the Fit offers voice recognition Navigation, a USB port for your MP3 player, and easy fold-down rear seats.  The engine is an updated version of the 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine found in the current Fit.  Your choice of 5 speed stick or automatic.

Either the 09 Fit is better looking than the outgoing model, or I’m starting to warm up to hatchbacks.  The lines are sleek, modern, and clean.  The front end is very Euro-looking, and looks great with foglamps.  Perhaps my only gripe is the interior.  The center stack is, well, bizarre.  I can’t really describe it; you’ll have to look at the picture below.  It’s completely counter-intuitive, and could be very distracting until you adjust to it.

The 09 Fit should hit your local Honda dealer sometime this fall.

2009-honda-fit-2 2009-honda-fit-3 2009-honda-fit-4

 2009-honda-fit-5 2009-honda-fit-6

Published on March 21, 2008 in Honda

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