2009 Honda FCX Clarity

honda-fcx-clarity The LA Auto Show 2007 brought about this gem – the reviling of the production Honda FCX fuel cell car, called the FCX Clarity. Fuel cells are a bit beyond me, but basically the Clarity uses hydrogen fuel cells to power electric motors, which send power to the wheels. The only problem is the current lack of hydrogen refueling stations. Currently the only stations are in southern California. That, in fact, is the only place that Honda will be selling the FCX Clarity for now.

The initial run will be limited to 100 cars, all leased for 36 months. If you somehow get to be one of the lucky few, you will pay $600 for the privilege of driving the only hydrogen powered car on the road. Apparently this car gets the equivalent of 68 MPG – nice!

I hope that this test run goes well for Honda. Mass production is necessary to bring the cost of the FCX Clarity down to real-world affordability – there’s no doubt that this run is costing Honda a small fortune. And of course, hydrogen will have to be readily available – either at gas stations or in the form of home refueling stations.

By the way, the FCX Clarity looks absolutely freakin awesome. It’s almost like Prius shaped, but with Honda attitude and style. Whatever it is works really, really well.

Published on November 14, 2007 in Honda

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