2009 Honda Accord Diesel

Word on the street ( and by street, I mean Interweb ) is that there will be no Accord Hybrid based on the new bodystyle.  Instead, Honda is going to release a first – a mainstream diesel powered sedan.  Yes, I know that VW has had diesels for years, but they’re not exactly mainstream in the same way that Honda is.  There has never been a *major* diesel sedan here in the US.  Europe has had a diesel Accord for years – a 138 HP 2.2 liter diesel powers that one. 

If Honda does go through with this, and release a diesel powered Accord here, then chances are that it will be a slightly larger, more powerful engine.  American folks just aren’t accustomed to 138 HP midsize sedans, and that might kill sales.  If they bump power into the 160 HP range, then the car will have a much higher chance of success.  The best part about the diesel is that it may even get better real world mileage than the current Accord Hybrid. 

What I’d love to see is a 4 cylinder Accord Hybrid, as well as an Accord Diesel.  Then we’ll have two fantastic choices for great fuel economy – one catered to city driving ( the hybrid ) and the other to highway ( the diesel ).  Toyota has had so much success with their Camry Hybrid, it almost seems foolish for Honda to abandon this market.

Published on June 4, 2007 in Future Vehicles,Honda

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