2009 GMC Terrain to replace Pontiac Torrent

2009-gmc-terrain Yes, GM is releasing another badge engineered vehicle.  But they are killing off one of it’s clones at the same time, so it’s really a wash.  The GMC Terrain is the newcomer, and will come out sometime next year as a 2009 model.  Supposedly the look will be bolder than the Chevy Equinox ( next generation – same as the current Saturn Vue )that it’s based off of, though that’s surely to be subjective. 

Pricing should start in the $22k range, which is about right for the segment.  Along with bringing the Terrain to market, GM will be dumping the Pontiac Torrent.  This move is part of Pontiacs mission to focus solely on cars, and once again be equated with “excitement”.  I’m not really sure how a G5 generates excitement, but hey – that’s a different topic altogether.

Published on December 18, 2007 in GMC

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