2009 Ford Flex Announced

2009 Ford Flex Today Ford announced the 2009 Ford Flex.  What’s the Flex, you ask?  Well, it’s the concept Fairlane brought to production.  It’s also a replacement for Ford’s failed and deceased minivan offering.  The Flex is a full-size crossover “CUV”, and will seat 7 people inside the impressive interior.  In fact, the interior looks very much like a Lincoln interior, with no hint of typical “Ford” anywhere.

I’m not a huge fan of the exterior styling – I think the Fairlane concept works better with a midsize-type vehicle, rather than the fullsize Flex.  But it’s certainly better than any minivan I can think of off the top of my head.  The back is questionable in any case. 

Under the hood is the Ford 3.5 liter V6, good for 260 horses.  Thankfully, Ford has their excellent 6 speed auto tranny hooked up to that engine – a good pair if ever their was one.

Some of the cool goodies that are available include a refrigerator ( wow ), Vista Roof, and a capless fuel filler system.

As soon as we hear more, we’ll pass the info along.  For now, enjoy these pictures, and follow the link below for even more.

2009 Ford Flex back

2009 Ford Flex interior 2009 Ford Flex interior 2


Published on April 4, 2007 in Ford

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