2009 Ford F-150 SFE

2009-ford-f150-sfe Ford unveiled the newest addition to the F-150 lineup – a new fuel efficient model called the SFE.  The F-150 ha been redesigned for 2009, of course ( many details pending ), and the SFE is a welcome addition.  The secret to the SFE’s mileage is a six speed automatic transmission, low rolling resistance tires, 3.15:1 rear axle, and DFCO ( Deceleration fuel cut off ).  All this adds up to an EPA rating of 15 MPG city, 21 MPG highway.  Hardly enough to get excited about, until you remember that we’re talking about a V8 powered pickup truck that can tow a cool 7,500 lbs without breaking a sweat.  When you say it that way, it’s not too shabby.

Adding slightly more fuel efficient models is a welcome trend, started by GM and their XFE Cobalt.  Watching this trend move into the pickup and SUV segment is fantastic.  Sure, it’s not a huge MPG change, but it is an improvement, and without the high cost and wizardry of a hybrid powertrain.

Published on September 19, 2008 in Ford

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