2009 Dodge Ram comes to market with cash on hood

2009dodgeramblueOnce upon a time, an automaker would only introduce rebates to help move older, slow moving models.  Those days are gone, my friends.  Dodge is rolling out the 2009 Ram with a cool grand sitting on the hood of crew cab models, and $500 on the regular cab trucks.  One might say that’s crazy – why introduce a rebate on a brand new model?

In case you haven’t noticed, big trucks simply aren’t selling.  Dealers are giving 40-50% off 2008 Ram’s these days – and huge incentives are a big part of those discounts.  People won’t touch trucks unless the deal looks incredible.  Rebates are simply a necessity these days for larger vehicles.. and the 09 Ram is no exception.  I don’t expect to see silly $1k rebates for long though… with a month or two expect Dodge to step up to $3-$4k at least.  It could even be more – things have been pretty tough lately.

On another note, the Ram Box finally gets a price tag.  If you want the neato locking box in your Ram’s bed, it will set you back $1,850.  Wow.  I was thinking closer to $500-$1000.  They may have to introduce a Ram Box rebate too, so these things will move.

Published on September 30, 2008 in Dodge

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