2009 Chevrolet HHR SS Spy Shots

Remember Chevy’s promise to stop using the once-hallowed SS badge haphazardly? Yeah, scratch that. In 2009, Chevy will be thrusting the Chevrolet HHR SS upon us. Yes, the PT Cruiser clone gets the SS badge. And, lest I ignore the facts, this “Super Sport” model will be powered a 260 HP turbo 4 cylinder engine, with the power going to the wrong wheels ( that’s FWD if you haven’t been paying attention ).

Yes, 260 HP is solid for a vehicle of the HHR’s size. Yes, I’m sure it will be quick. Yes, it is ugly, and yes, it will likely have some torque steer issues. The point of all this is that Chevy is answering a question that no one asked, and filling a need that does not exist. People don’t buy HHR’s and wish they were faster. If someone wants a fast car, I can assure you, the PT Cruiser HHR is not on the list, ever. And I simply despise the use of the SS badge on anything that is not V8 powered and RWD. ( 4WD / AWD could get away with it, as long as the V8 is there. )

If for some reason you still want to see this monstrosity, check out the spy shots at Car and Driver.

Published on June 21, 2007 in Chevrolet,Spy Shots

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