2009 BMW X6 Spy Shot

2009 BMW X6 The watchful folks over at Car and Driver managed to catch a glimpse of the 2009 BMW X6 for your viewing pleasure.  I’ve never been a big fan of the BMW entries into the SUV market.  They just don’t seem to fit in with what an SUV is supposed to be, in my eyes.

The X6 has a low roofline, which limits cargo area.  It looks like it’s done in the name of styling, but SUV’s should practice a function over form philosophy.  Form over function is great for cars, but not for SUV’s. 

As for harware, nothing’s certain yet.  Chances are that the sweet twin-turbo straight 6 will find a home under the hood, with an optional V8.  We may even see a diesel option – something that’s going to become more and more common going forward.  BMW thinks they can find a home for 50,000 X6’s a year.  I’m unconvinced so far.

Published on May 10, 2007 in Spy Shots

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