2009 Audi S4 gets Supercharged V6

The current S4 sports a gas-guzzling V8, of course.  Nothing less was good enough when it was released.  Times are changing though, and Audi is making (small) strides to develop more fuel efficient models.  With that in mind, the next generation Audi S4, due late this year, will dump the V8.  In it’s place will be a supercharged 3.0 liter V6, good for roughly 350 HP.  That’s 10 HP more than the current V8, for the record.

So, more power, more fuel efficient.  That’s a double win.  You do lose the snarl of a V8, but you gain the high-tech sounding whine of the blower.  All in all, not a bad upgrade from Audi.  If you just have to have a V8 ( I understand ), the RS4 should carry on with all 8 cylinders still under hood.

Published on April 25, 2008 in Audi

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