2009 Acura TSX Specs

2009 Acura TSX Pre-DebutAfter Acura released the 2009 TSX teaser image, I figured that was it until the official announcements.  Looks like I was wrong, as the press release managed to leak out to the public.  Fun stuff.  Bad news is that the hardware is, well, bad news.  The new TSX will grow – it’s 2.4 inches longer and 3 inches wider than the current model.  Bigger car = heavier car.  To compensate for that added heft, Acura put some more grunt under the hood right?

Wrong.  The 09 TSX is powered by a 201 HP 2.4 liter 4 cylinder ( when equipped with the 6 speed manual ).  Presumably that number drops a bit for the automatic.  Fuel economy is 21 city / 30 highway / 24 combined for the stick, and 20 city / 28 highway / 23 combined for the slushbox.  Overall I’m so unimpressed….. Acura had a real chance her to make a stunner of a vehicle.  Instead they’ve bored us into not caring.  It’s the new Acura way.

Published on February 13, 2008 in Acura

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