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2009-acura-tlTTAC reviews the 2009 Acura TL and writes – ‘Acura slipped the TSX’ new electric steering system into its stealth flagship. Turn-in is precise and predictable at urban speeds, but road feel is reduced. At higher speeds, the weighting applied feels artificial and unintuitive. This is not your father’s Buick. But it could be yours.  I kid. A bit. Aside from takeoff squirm, the TL’s chassis remains composed and confident. The stoppers are powerful, and there are airbags aplenty. But the TL lacks the chassis chops, the joie de conduire, to compete with the Germans; its arrow-shaped snout is now aimed squarely at Lexus.”

A comparison to Lexus and (gasp) Buick is not really what Honda is after with the Acura brand, especially the TL.  I think they were going for more BMW-esque, but according to TTAC, they failed pretty miserably.

Being like a Lexus isn’t automatically a bad thing – Lexus makes fine automobiles.  But you don’t think of “performance” and “Lexus” together, ever.  If Acura can’t shed this image soon, then they may go down that same road.

Published on December 11, 2008 in Car Reviews

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