2008 Toyota Prius Price Drop

prius-250-thumb Right on the heels of the new that the 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid is getting a $1,000 price cut, Toyota announced a cut for the 2008 Prius.  Now you’ll be able to pick up a new Prius for as little as $20,950, plus a $660 destination charge – a $1225 cut from 2007.  Naturally Toyota will cut out some equipment to achieve this price drop, but no word yet on what it is.

The Saturn Aura Hybrid was previously the world’s cheapest hybrid, ( as well as the Worst Hybrid Ever ).  With the Prius’ big price drop, that’s no longer the case.  Now you can buy the vastly superior Prius for quite a bit less than the sad Aura Hybrid.  Score one for Toyota. 

Besides the new base model trim and fancy low price, nothing is changing really.  We won’t see an all new Prius until the 2009 model.

Published on August 2, 2007 in Hybrids,Toyota

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