2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

2008-Toyota-Land-Cruiser Toyota is giving their massive, completely irrelevant Land Cruiser a refresh for 2008. No one really knows why Toyota still has both the Land Cruiser and the Sequoia in their lineup – they seem very redundant, and overlap quite a bit.  Not to mention the fact that they stick their nose up at Toyota’s “green” image. 

Environmental issues aside, the Land Cruiser looks as boring as ever.  Well, maybe even a little more boring.  In fact, it looks like  Highlander on steroids, and not in a good way.  I’m sure it will have a very nice interior, and no doubt it will be robust and long-lasting.  But it makes me downright sleepy when I look at it.  I can’t help but wonder who this car is marketed at – it does cost in the neighborhood of $50 large, remember.   Folks with that much cash usually step up to something like a Lexus SUV, a Navigator, or an Escalade.

Click the picture to see the rest at Jalopnik.

Published on June 29, 2007 in Spy Shots,Toyota

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