2008 Opel Agila – Just a tease

2008 Opel Agila The 2008 Opel Agila won’t officially debut until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 07, but Opel was kind enough to release a few images so that our European friends can see what to expect.

The 2008 Agila is based on an all-new platform from Opel, and is enlarged just a bit in every direction. The interior gets a nice update, though it’s nothing fancy at all. The two-tone look to match the exterior is a nice touch, though.

As far as power is concerned, well, there isn’t any. Your choices include a 56 HP 1.0 liter gas, 86 HP 1.2 liter gas, or a 75 HP 1.3 liter turbodiesel. I know to us Americans these numbers seem simply absurd – after all, there isn’t an engine over even 100 HP in the bunch! But for a European car, that’s nothing out of the ordinary. And with the Agila’s tiny size, it shouldn’t have much trouble getting up and going.

Published on May 14, 2007 in GM

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