2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Preview

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Jeep has had the Grand Cherokee in it’s lineup for a decade and a half now, and it’s been pretty much the same vehicle. It was great offroad SUV, but just awful on-road. The road has traditionally been harsh, and there is so much body roll that turns aren’t really possible over 5 or 6 MPH. Gas mileage has also never been a forte for the Grand Cherokee.

For the 2008 Grand Cherokee, Jeep did step up a little bit and make some changes – some of which are quite impressive. For starters, there are two brand new engines available – an updated 291 HP 4.7 liter V8 ( with better gas mileage ), as well as the big story, a 3.0 liter Bluetec Diesel ( CRD ) from big brother Benz. The familiar 3.7 V6, 5.7 V8, and 6.1 V8 are all carryovers.

The looks are updated, but only the extremely observant Jeep lovers will notice. Can you tell what’s new from the picture above? The interior is also updated, and is a bit nicer. An available Sirius / DVD system allows you to receive certain cartoon stations on the drop-down DVD player – parents are sure to love that.

What Jeep didn’t address is the ride quality, which is weak, and the handling, which is horrendous. The look is virtually the same, which is disappointed, but not surprising. Jeep isn’t known for making big changes in the design department – see the Wrangler for proof of that. The real big news is the available Bluetec diesel engine – I can’t wait to see pricing & gas mileage specs on that one.


Published on May 10, 2007 in Future Vehicles,Jeep

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