2008 Honda Accord Unmasked

2008-Honda-Accord-Coupe-Red Hello, beautiful.  Finally, someone was able to capture the 2008 Accord unmasked – both the sedan and the coupe.  The one to your left is one fine looking coupe – both front and back.  I wasn’t completely sure about the previous photos, but when all the masks and cladding is removed, there’s no doubt.  The 2008 Accord is one fine looking machine.  The front bumper is much nicer looking than I would’ve hoped. 

If the interior is nice ( and it’s a Honda, so it will be ) then this car will be killer.  It’s certainly up to the game of competing against the new Camry and Altima.  Think the Accord is resigned to second place in car sales?  Think again – this Accord is serious, and will sell in huge numbers.  Look out Toyota.

Published on June 26, 2007 in Honda

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