2008 Honda Accord SI

Please note: This vehicle is fictitious in every way.  I have no real information on this vehicle, and it is not, to my knowledge, in the works, or even on the planning table at Honda.

Recently, some of my readers have brought up the feasibility of a Honda Accord SI.  After all, the Civic has a high performance version available, so why not the Accord?  After all, the Accord is one of the best selling vehicles in America, so surely there are buyers who want more performance. 

Traditionally, those buyers have been pointed towards the nearest Acura dealership, for a look at the TL, or TL Type S.  And therein lies the problem – if a Honda Accord SI was developed, it would compete with the TL and TL Type S.  This same situation is what killed the RSX ( The Civic SI had similar performance for less money. )

In light of all this, I think there is room for an Accord SI.  For Acura’s sake, no sedan model will be available – only two doors for this one.  Here’s a rundown of how this car could potentially be equipped.

2008 Honda Accord SI Specs
  • 300 HP 3.5 liter i-VTEC V6
  • 6 speed close-ratio manual transmission
  • AWD ( Not SH-AWD, we’ll leave that as an Acura only feature for now. )
  • Coupe only – no sedan, to limit competition with Acura TL
  • Special wheels ( perhaps the TL Type S wheels – they rock )
  • Custom sport-seats, perhaps two-toned to match car’s exterior
  • Priced at $34,000 or less

Yes, that’s a lot of money for an Accord – a whole lot of money.  But naturally it will cost more than the regular Accord, which tops out right around $30,000 without navigation.  But I think that Honda could find some buyers for such a car – the performance coupe market is coming back.  And with adding AWD to a more powerful engine, I think this car could be a fantastic piece.  What do you guys think – any takers?

Published on May 14, 2007 in Honda

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