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2008-honda-accord-coupe-redAutoMoBlog reviews the 2008 Honda Accord Coupe and has this to say – ‘As much as I like the car, there are a few things that bothered me about it. While slowing to stop, the car feels like it shifts into first gear too soon, and while going at slower speeds, the shifting is a bit jerky at times. It’s not a major issue, but certainly something you’ll have to get used to. The car also torque steers a bit, but you only notice it when really stepping on it from a stop; not a problem for most people. Another minor complaint is the unresponsiveness of the throttle. When you’re about to pass someone and need some quick power, it takes a second for the engine to kick in once you punch the gas pedal.’

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Published on January 22, 2008 in Car Reviews

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