2008 Honda Accord Coupe Pictures

Accord3 Some of you may be tired of hearing about the upcoming 2008 Accord.  The rest of you are doubtless looking forward to these new pictures.  These are the best, most complete shots yet of the new Accord – caught by a Car Lounge reader in a parking lot.  The photographer’s Civic SI sedan is also visible in a couple of the pictures, so you can compare the two a bit.  (Off-topic of course, but I just wanted to note that I do like the wheels on the Civic SI – they’re slick without being overbearing.)  There’s not much I can add to everything that’s already been said about the new Accord, so enjoy the pics for now. 

Accord2 Accord5 Accord7 Accord9 Accord10 Accord11 Accord12 Accord8

Published on August 13, 2007 in Honda

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