2008 Ford Falcon

2008 Ford Falcon Orion The 2008 Ford Falcon Orion is the car that could save Ford.  That is, if Ford was smart enough to release it in the United States, instead of as an Australian market only car.  People would actually go to Ford dealerships because they want to buy this car, rather than settling for it because it’s there ( see Ford Taurus for example. )  This car could take it’s place alongside the Mustang as a Ford icon; a car that people want to own.  Think of it as a four-door Mustang with it’s own personality. 

Ford – if you’re listening, and I know you’re not, bring the Falcon to the US.  This car will sell in droves here, and will make people want to own a Ford again.


Published on July 13, 2007 in Ford,Future Vehicles

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