2008 Dodge Dakota

2008 Dodge Dakota The Dodge Dakota has always been a pretty popular truck.  The reason lies in it’s size – not quite a compact, not quite a full-size.  Nowadays, the Dakota has a little more competition, in the form of a larger Tacoma and Frontier.  The Dakota is still larger than Chevy and Ford’s small trucks though.

The 2008 Dodge Dakota is refreshed, not a complete redesign.  The styling is changed, and not at all for the better.  This is a bad, bad, looking truck.  And I don’t mean bad in a good way.  I mean bad – the new Dakota is ugly.  There is a little more grunt under the hood – the new V8 makes 290 HP, which isn’t bad for the 4.7 liter engine.  It is a little weak when compared to the V6 offering from Nissan – a 4.0 liter making 261 HP.  I think Dodge would be better served by putting a solid, competitive V6 in the Dakota, if only for a little bit better fuel economy.  The 4.7 isn’t exactly known for being miserly, of all things.

2008 Dodge Dakota Specs

  • 290 HP / 320 lb-ft of torque 4.7 liter V8 engine available
  • E85 Ethanol ready
  • 6 speed manual standard
  • 4 speed auto on the V6, new 6 speed auto on the V8
  • Remote starting standard

2008 Dodge Dakota Reviews

Autobytel reviews the 2008 Dodge Dakota and doesn’t like the look either – ‘We’re not crazy about the looks of the new Dakota. The front end receives the most attention with a new grille, fenders, bumper and headlights. The idea was to improve aerodynamics, add to the truck’s aggressiveness and tie the Dakota in more strongly with Dodge’s full-size trucks. That’s what they say. We say that the new nose needs more work. It looks too much like the Caliber, not enough like the Ram, and overall too big for the truck itself. The hood looks long and flat enough to accommodate a helicopter, and if this blunt nose is more aerodynamic than the previous one, we shudder to think of that truck’s drag numbers.’

Published on February 5, 2007 in Dodge

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