2008 Dodge Crew Spyshot

2008-Dodge-Crew Dodge’s upcoming midsize CUV, tentatively named the Crew, is seen here wearing some pretty heavy camo.  Besides the fact that Crew may be the stupidest name ever ( Anyone else think Crew Cab, as in a pickemup truck? ), Dodge has no need for this vehicle.  See, this is one of those times that Dodge is, again, building a vehicle that no one asked for.  Dodge already has a hideously ugly midsize SUV on the market – there’s no reason to add a poor quality, poorly styled midsize CUV to it’s lineup.  The focus needs to be on building *quality* vehicles that the public wants to own – not just adding more and more poorly thought-out models, in the hopes that something will catch.  C’mon Dodge.


Published on August 22, 2007 in Dodge,Spy Shots

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