2008 Corvette Review

2008-Corvette-orange Chevy stepped up their game with the Corvette for 2008 – keeping it fresh with a little mid-cycle update. The already huge V8 grew to 6.2 liters, and gained 36 horses, for a total of 436 HP. That is, of course, assuming that you optioned for the available dual-mode exhaust setup. If you forgo it, you’ll have to make do with “just” 430 horses under the hood. That Z06 stayed put with 505 HP, so this simply means that the base Vette is a better value.

Take your Vette to the track and the quarter mile will zoom by in about 12 and a half seconds. Of course no one would do that sort of thing on the street. Right? Track or street, the latest Vette will please. Blinding power, exceptional handling, and even impressive fuel economy ( 26 MPG on the highway – are you kidding me? ). The only complaint from owners if the plastic interior. Forgive me if I say, “Who cares?”

2008 Corvette Specs
  • 430 HP 6.2 liter V8
  • 426 HP 6.2 liter V8 ( With optional dual-model exhaust )
  • 6 speeds either way – Your choice of automatic or manual
  • EPA Says : 16 mpg city / 26 mpg highway ( that’s on the new EPA ratings too )
  • No gas guzzler tax
2008 Corvette Reviews

Kicking Tires reviews the 2008 Corvette and writes – ‘I took this out onto the track and could certainly feel the added power and exhaust upgrade over the 2007. At least I think I could. As always, the Corvette is a joy on the track and still livable as an everyday car. The convertible even has room for a real set of golf clubs in the trunk with the top down. However, as everyone will most likely mention, the interior is a bit of a dog. I cannot wait until the next generation comes along. If they kept everything else identical to this car but threw in an interior like the one in the new CTS, Iā€™d be very, very happy.’

LLN reviews the 2008 Corvette and writes – ‘But once we got the Corvette on the test track, we seemed to forget any of the car’s imperfections we noticed before; the car simply does everything well. Lay into the throttle and the Corvette will pin you to your seat. Under about 2,500 RPMs, the LS3 seem fairly tame but, as the revs continue to climb, the 6.2L transforms into a whole new animal. Once in the powerband, the sport exhaust’s butterfly value opens in a mechanical symphony accompanied by a rush of acceleration. While not as sweet sounding as an Italian V8 car ā€” from which GM derived the exhaust technology ā€” the Corvette sounds fantastic in an unmistakably American way.’

Motor Trend reviews the 2008 Corvette and writes – ‘Relatively short gearing makes it easy to generate smoky burnouts for the camera, but commands judicious throttle input to achieve the optimal hole-shot. For the first few runs, a 2000-2500-rev clutch drop generated minimal wheelspin with the tires hooked up at around 3500 revs. Because the LS3 is churning out (only) around 250 horses at that point, better results are obtained by launching the LS3 with another 1000 revs (3000-3500) and feathering the throttle to hook up at more like 4200 rpm, when 350 thoroughbreds are pulling hard. That approach paid off with a blistering 4.1-second dash to 60 mph en route to a 12.5-second, 115.0-mph quarter mile. Those figures line up almost perfectly with those of our best 2002 C5-generation Z06.’

Edmunds reviews the 2008 Corvette and writes – ‘The Corvette engineers have also done their best to get you up to speed quicker than before with some transmission improvements. The six-speed manual transmission has an improved shift linkage with a more positive, direct feel and stronger, spring-loaded action from gate to gate. No more navigation exercises required when going for a gear in a Corvette. Meanwhile the six-speed automatic has some new hardware and a new calibration that delivers quicker shifts, so the car feels more responsive when you use the steering wheel-mounted shift paddles.’

Published on November 8, 2007 in Chevrolet

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